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Tuesday, 17 July 2018



“One last question….how long have you known?”
She didn’t have to  say it, he knows what she is talking about.
“Last week….”
“So, that’s why….”
He had known a week before that he had to break up with her because of what his family decided.
But like a coward, he had been prolonging the inevitable by not telling her.
He knew that she sensed that something was bothering him.
They had this connection that was unexplainable in words.
They knew it the first time they met.
Before she entered the bathroom….
“Can you do me one last favor by leaving now? I’m going to take a shower and I hope you're going by the time I finish.”
She kept her back turned while saying this.
Edward couldn’t do anything but agree to her request.
“I understand.”
She went into the bathroom and softly closed the door.
He bought this lace for her as their love nest because he wanted to be with her as much as possible.
It is near his workplace.
He picked up his clothes and got dressed.
He knew that this is the last time that he’ll be here.
He took one last look of the room.
He won't be coming back because if he did….
He won't ever want to leave.
And he knows that he can't do that.
He closed the door and left.
Mary Dale was leaning on the door trying to hear if he already left.
When she heard the click of the doorknob that’s when her knees started to buckle.
“He’s gone!” she said to herself.
She stepped into the shower and let the water run through her whole body.
She kept scrubbing herself vigorously until her skin was already so red.
She feels so dirty remembering all the times that they made love.
“Love? Stop deluding yourself! It was all just plain sex!” she admonished herself.
If he really loved you he wouldn’t go and marry someone else irregardless of his so called responsibility to his family.
She remembered Jinnie’s words
Edward John is a rich man and rich men don’t marry like them.
But like the fool that she was, she fell in love with Edward and gave herself wholeheartedly.
She couldn’t understand why no tears were falling from her eyes.
She just felt so numb.
Her skin started to feel tender so she stopped scrubbing.
She rinsed herself and finished showering.
She got out of the bathroom.
She doesn’t know what to do next.
But one thing is for sure…..
She has to leave this place.

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