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Tuesday, 17 July 2018



After another intense love making, Edward slowly got up from the bed.
Mary Dale is sleeping.
Exhausted after what happened between them.
Edward wore his boxers and walked over to the veranda.
He looked out on the still busy streets of Manila despite the wee hours of the morning.
He heaved a heavy sigh.
He raked his fingers through his hair.
Mary Dale stirred and found Edward not in bed.
She slowly got up and went to where he is.
She draped the blanket over her nakedness.
She slowly approached Edward.
Edward could sense her presence immediately but he did not turn to look at her.
She put her arms around his waist and her chin on his left shoulder.
“Come back to bed. It's cold.” She murmured.
He heaved another sigh but stayed silent.
And because they were so attuned to each other, Mary Dale couldn’t help but ask.
“What’s wrong?”
Edward removed her hands from his waist and faced her.
There is no other way.
“It's over Mary Dale.”
Mary Dale was filled with dread but still she asked what he meant.
“What do you mean Edward?” she said with a catch in her throat.
“I’m breaking up with you.” He said so quietly that she thought she didn’t hear anything.
She looked at him trying to discern whether or not he’s just pranking her.
“My father wants me to marry Elizabeth and I can't do anything about it!”
He looked so serious while saying it that it left no doubt in Mary Dale’s mind that he is indeed breaking up with her.
She nodded slowly and stepped back from him.
She tried so hard to swallow the lump in her throat.
“I see….” Was all she could say before turning her back on him.
“No! you don’t understand!”
Edward tried to reason with her.
Her reaction is scaring him.
It wasn’t what he expected.
Mary Dale gripped the blanket so hard trying to calm herself.
She felt a shiver run down her spine.
She gritted her teeth before facing him.
So when she faced Edward, all he could see is the calmness on her face.
“No, I do understand Edward, very well. It's over.” She said with no emotions at all.
Edward tried out and hug her.
She avoided him and reached for her clothes.
“Please talk to me! Say anything! Just don’t be this way! Edward implored.

“What is there left to say?”

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