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There are bunch of reasons why you should date a mama’s boy, but there are a lot of reasons why you should avoid this type of man like the plague. Sure, he may be better in turned with his emotions, and more sensitive and caring; but dating a mama’s boy comes with a bunch of problems that most women just don’t want to deal with. Ask anyone who has dated a mama’s boy.
We’re not saying that mama’s boys aren’t good men; we’re simply here to let you know that it’s not going to be an easy ride if you decide to give your love to a man whose mother will always come first. You will constantly be put on the back burner, he will always compare you to her, and those extra set of keys to his house? They’ll be hanging on mama’s key ring, and yes she will be using them freely for as long as she is around.
So proceed with caution, and check out our list of 15 reasons why you might want to think twice before you start dating a mama’s boy.


He Wants Everything to Go His Way

A mama’s boy is used to being babied, his mom probably waited on him hand and foot when he lived at home, but even now as an adult, she doesn’t hesitate to drop by to cook him a meal or do laundry. He enjoys being taken care by her, and he expects the woman in his life to treat him in the exact same manner. If you’re not looking to baby a grown man, then the mama’s boy isn’t the right guy for you.

Mama’s boys are spoiled rotten and they want everything to go their way. If they don’t get what they want when they want it, they’re not too proud to pout and throw a temper tantrum. And when you refuse to give in, guess who will be the first person to complain to? Yup, his mom! She already didn’t like you, but because you’re treating her son so “poorly,” she now has it out for you. Good luck, girl, because your relationship with your mama’s boy is pretty much doomed at this point!


His Mom Comes First

When you’re dating a mama’s boy, you will soon realize that mama always come first in every single situation. If you’re lying on bed battling the flu, and his mom is at home with the sniffles, guess who he will pay a visit to first? His mom, of course! If the two of you are talking on the phone and a call from his mom comes through on the other line, you better believe he’ll be hanging up with you to find out what mama needs. His priorities will always include his mother coming first and you coming second. It’s just the way that it is.
Getting your guy to switch his priorities around will surely cause problems in your relationship, and it’s likely to cause issues between him and his mother, too. You can either accept that you will be treated like a second-class citizen forever, or you can finally find the strength to end the relationship for good.


He Expects You to Act Just Like Her

If you weren’t already annoyed by dating a mama’s boy, this right here will send you over the edge. Even though he’s well aware that you and his mom are two completely different people, that won’t stop him from expecting you to act just like her. If you grab a slice of pizza and shove it in your mouth, he will tell you that his mom always eats her pizza with a knife and a fork. Um, okay….
Or if you’re driving and you get a case of road rage, he will tell you that his mother has never shouted at another driver on the road. Pretty soon, every little thing you do will be compared to how his mom would react, and this is bound to drive you absolutely insane!
You can clap back by telling him you’re not his mother, and you will live your life the way you please, but you already know it’s going to cause yet another argument. The best way to avoid this from happening is to dump the mama’s boy once and for all.


He Can’t Make Decisions on His Own

If you thought this list was already bad, it’s about to get worse! The mama’s boy has this one little problem that will cause issues during your entire relationship. You see, he’s not able to make any decision on his own. Nope, not even the tiniest problem is able to be solved without getting his mom involved. If he’s at the grocery story, and he’s trying to decide whether he should have a turkey, sandwich or a chicken burrito for dinner, he will ring up his mom to ask her advice. If he’s thinking about switching majors, he will run it by his mom first. And if he’s thinking about ending the relationship with you, he will talk it over with mama beforehand.
It’s not that he shucks at making decisions, it’s just that he has become so dependent on his mom acting as the other working half of his brain. Pretty annoying, right?


His Mom Will Always Hate You

Sadly, his mom will never like you, but don’t take it personal. It’snot you, it’s her. When it comes to women, his mom doesn’t think anyone is good enough for her baby boy. She has ran off so many of his exes by being mean, bitter and causing unnecessary drama. She actually prefers that he be single, but she won’t tell him that, of course. Instead, she will tell him, “Keep searching for the right one, I know she’s out there.” But sadly for him, every single girl that he brings home will never be good enough for mama.
It sucks that you won’t be able to have a pleasant relationship with her, and you’re secretly jealous of your friends who get along perfectly with their boyfriend’s mothers. But, this is the life you have chosen for yourself, and no one said dating a mama’s boy would be easy.


You Will Never Be Able to Fix His Mommy Issues

If you think you can take a mama’s boy and whip him into shape, don’t even bother. By the time you get your hands on him, his relationship with his mom is like the foundation to this entire existence. You’re not going to be able to change his ways at this point, and trying to “fix” him will only cause an even headache for you.
You may think a guy has mommy issues when the relationship with his mother is negative, but mommy issues can also present themselves when mothers are a little too involved in their children’s lives. It becomes an unhealthy and co-dependent mother-son relationship.
If you’ve just started dating a mama’s boy, researchers suggest you put him in the friend zone right away. Dealing with his mom is something you’re not going to want to bother yourself with at this point. But if you’re already deep in a relationship with a mama’s boy, then you need to accept the roles they play in each other’s lives and realize that it won’t be changing anytime soon.


He Will Always Take Her Side

Mama’s boys think everyone will love their mother as much as they do, but that’s simply not the case. With a meddling mother always waiting in the wings to put her two cents into your relationship, bumping heads with his mom will be a constant occurrence. She will feel like she has the right to tell you how to live, how to cook for her son, how to wash his clothes, and how to make him happy. When you try to stand up to her, all hell will break loose! Your partner will then become involved, and guess what? He will never take your side. Even if he knows that you’re right, his allegiance is with his mom, and he isn’t afraid to let you know this very early on in your relationship. It will always be two against one, and you will forever be the odd woman out in every situation.


His Mom Will Stop BY

If you’re lucky enough to be dating a mama’s boy whose mother doesn’t live in the same state as you, then you’re in luck. But for most mama’s boys, they never travel too far away from the woman who holds their heart. Your guy will stay in close proximity to his mom “just in case” she needs him. And honestly, when doesn’t she need him? You’ve convinced yourself that this woman can’t do anything without his help, and you’re probably right!
Since he can't fathom living more than ten minutes away from his mom, she will be close enough to do regular drive-by…and by regular, we mean every day. She will routinely pop in because  she was “in the neighborhood,” and she will always overstay her welcome.
If you were hoping that morning in your guy meant the two of you could get some mid-day = action in the middle of the kitchen floor, you were wrong! Mom has a key to the apartment, of course, and she isn’t afraid to use it!


She’ll Be All in Your Business

A mama’s boy doesn’t understand that not everything needs to be shared with his mom. So he will go out of his way to give his mom all the details about your relationship – yes, even the not so pretty details,
Most parents go through a series of questions when they meet their child’s new partner for the first time. But the mama’s boy has already filed his mom in on how the two of you met, what you wearing on your first date, how he moved in for a kiss when he dropped you off, and how he almost got in a fight with your ex-boyfriend who just couldn’t take no for an answer.
And every time you and your bae fight, mom will always know all the sordid details. She will be right there to give him biased advice, and she will definitely be following up with him to see how things pan put. She will always stick her nose where it doesn’t belong – but only because your guy allows her to.
So what’s a girl to do? Well, you need to decide if a meddling mom is something you’re willing to deal with in your relationship.


You’ll be Competing for His Affection

A bond between a mother and a son is very loving and extremely strong, but sometimes this bond can come across as downright creepy. If you notice that you have to fight for your guy’s affection whenever his mother is around, then you clearly have a problem on your hands!
Mama’s boys love to be touched, hugged and kissed by their moms, and this is perfectly fine. But if you can't even get a hug in because his mom is hanging all over him 24/7, then this is definitely not normal, and it says a lot about their relationship. You will forever be competing with his mom not only for his attention, but for your guy’s affection.  Is this something you really want to deal with? Loving someone shouldn’t feel like a battle, but when you have a mama’s boy on your hands, showing affection when mama’s around is almost impossible. Get prepared for her to give you the meanest side-eye if you even think about giving your boo a kiss in her presence.


She’ll Be on Speed Dial

If you're dating a mama’s boy, you may notice that he can't go more than a day without talking to his mom. It seems like whenever he’s not on the phone with you, he’s chatting it up with his mom, listening to one of her longwinded voicemails, replying to her text message, reading one of her many emails, or responding to her DM on Facebook. Even when she’s not physically present, she will always make sure that her presence is felt. And this is sure to become tiresome and downright annoying!
If your guy spends more time communicating with his mom than talking to you, then you have a huge problem on your hands. Are you sure this is the type of relationship you want to be in? You deserve someone who can setup clear lines and make boundaries to ensure he has a healthy relationship with his mom and a healthy relationship with his partner.


You Won't Be Able to Vacation Without Her

If you're dreaming of going on a romantic vacation with your honey, it probably won't be possible if the guy you're dating is a mama’s boy. In your past relationships, you may have been able to jet off to exotic destinations with your exes without thinking twice; but when you're dating a mama’s boy, planning a vacation becomes a headache. Your reservations for two will be bumped up to three when his mom catches wind that the two of you are planning on taking off somewhere without her.
She may try to convince you that she won't be bothering the two of you during the vacation, and she promises you that she will go off and do her own thing, but you know that will never happen! She will be calling your hotel room at all hours of the day and night to pester you and your boo, and he will of course invite her out on every single excursion that the two of you take. Welcome to the life of dating a mama’s boy!


She’ll Probably Ruin Your Weeding

What’s worse than a bridezilla? How about a future mother-in-law who has her sights set on completely ruining your wedding day? If you decide to move forward with this relationship with your mama’s boy, the two of you may decide to take your relationship to the next level one day and tie the knot. But if you think your big day will be all about you, think again.
When it comes to planning the wedding, his mom will want to be involved in every little detail, whether she’s footing the bill or not. When you go gown shopping with your own mother and your bridesmaids, his mom will want to tag along, too. And if you think she is going to give you compliments about any of the dresses you try on, you're out of luck. She will likely have something negative to say about every wedding dress you choose! To make matters even worse, when your big day comes, your future husband will make sure his mom is front and center during every portion of the ceremony and the reception. Congratulations, you just married the love of your life… and his mom!


His Mom Has the Final Word

When you're in a relationship with a mama’s boy, there will always be a third party involved, and that third party’s name is Mom. When it comes to dating the mama’s boy, he will always bring his mom into your business. Even if the issue has absolutely nothing to do with her, she will always feel comfortable chiming in because her son gives her free rein to do and say as she pleases. Whether it be a simple disagreement or a heated argument between you and your partner, his mom will always have the final word on how the two of you should proceed in your relationship.
If you enjoy having a meddling outsider in the midst of your relationship, then dating a mama’s boy will be right up your alley. But if you think relationship matters should be kept personal and private between you and your partner, then don’t even bother wasting your time with a mama’s boy.


He’ll Compare You to Her

It’s bad enough that your man has a few ex-girlfriends that he may compare you to, but when it comes to his mom, you're going to be fighting a losing battle. From the most mundane to the most complex tasks, the mama’s boy will always sing his mother’s praises. Those scrambled eggs you whip up every morning? His mom makes them better. You forgot to order ketchup on his burger? That’s something his mother would never forget. You see where I’m going with this?
To the mama’s boy, his mom can never do anything wrong, and he will constantly pit the two of you against each other. Imagine struggling to do something right, but always being told you're doing it wrong? But not only are you doing it wrong, but someone else does it much better than you. That’s what life with a mama’s boy is like. Just go ahead and run away now and never look back.

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