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Saturday, 30 June 2018


Mom he touched me again.


Uncle Daniel.

Whoosh! Whoop!! Whisk!! Was the sound that almost got little Evelyn deaf for weeks.

How dare you? Who put you up to this? Evelyn how could you say such?
It seemed like the bond between Mum and her twin brother couldn’t broken, not even by her little daughter. She had gotten so used to him and no one thought anything would ever come between them.

Little Evelyn would cry every day, hoping someone would hear her out. But she concluded that if mum couldn’t believe her, then no one could.

She was just little, so how much did she really know. She ceaselessly watched her brothers bring in different girls to the house, some young, some elderly.

They probably do the same thing, how do I tell them. She was bitter and hurt. She was not too little to know it was wrong. She longed for the day, someone would come to her rescue.

But that day was a mere dream, as this particular night mum was to go out for a vigil in church and brothers were out clubbing.
Uncle Daniel said he was sick and couldn’t go for the vigil and had to stay home.
Evelyn stay with uncle. Mum said to her.

No! She screamed.

What’s come over you, why did you have to scream that way, do you need me to repeat what I did to you last time, you're staying home with uncle and that’s it.
I’m sorry Mum, but please can I just go with you. Please mum, please. I promise to stay awake through the night, I won't play around. You could even plead with Aunty Vera to let me stay with you in the adult church. That way you’ll keep a close watch.

I have made up my mind; you are staying with Uncle Daniel. It’s Friday and you need to rest so you can do your chores tomorrow.

Uncle Daniel stood there, like nothing really mattered. As he had his own agenda already in his mind.

Little Evelyn looked at him with so much hate; he didn’t act like he cared.

Mum left and Little Evelyn was filled with so much fear, thoughts of running away lingered in her mind, or do I just kill myself. She knew something wasn’t right, she knew her Uncle was up to something and it was no good.

She decided to lock herself in her room till morning comes.
It wasn’t long when she heard a disturbing noise downstairs and had to go check it out. Nothing at all.

As she made her way upstairs, she finally heard his voice.

It's just the two of us now, and there’s no way you’ll escape this time.

No Uncle, please don’t. I promise not to tell anyone you touched me, don’t hurt me uncle. She cried with so much pain and you could read innocence all over her.

Oh! Evelyn I’m not going to hurt you. How could I? You know how much I love you.

We are just going to have a little fun while everyone is away having theirs.

As she sat on the stairs, with so much fear and thought of what to do next. She quickly got up and tried to rush to her room but he was faster and stronger.

That was it, that night was where it all began and from that night to so many nights. It became just a normal thing to her now.

Mum allowed the bond between her and her twin separate her from the love between her and her daughter.

Evelyn was grown now, infected with Aids with numerous abortions already done. She had just one motive now and that was…


Uncle was clean but he introduced her to this world of pain and made her see so much evil in the world.

She called him up and reminded him of how they had so much fun and would want another moment. To which he agreed to, not even considering that he was now married with 2kids.

They met and it was mission accomplished for her, as she already transmitted all she wanted. She thought of killing him but decided to let him make his wife pay also for the sins of her wicked husband.

Who’s next??? Yes, jerry is next. She succeeded in seducing him and he gave in and she passed it to him also. Jerry, her own brother. Couldn’t resist the charm of his beautiful sister.

She had watched her brothers use and dump girls, treating them like they didn’t matter. She decided to be their karma.

Joy was short-lived in the family as Dad was too busy with work in the U.S to keep in touch with what goes down at home.

Years later Uncle Daniel and Jerry were gone as they both suffered from the same illness. Uncle Daniel’s wife was struggling to live and Tony her other brother got his karma elsewhere.

It was just Mom now; Evelyn called her up and said they needed to talk.
It was the same Friday night, same date and mum had a vigil which was a must because now there was sorrow and pain all around.

Mum decided to stay home. Evelyn came over, smiled at mum.
That was unusual because they hardly talked and there was so much hate in the eyes of Evelyn towards her mum.

Mum I’m not going to bore you with long talk. I’ll just go straight to the point. Evelyn said as she took a sip from the wine she brought on her way to see her mum.

She finally narrated all that had happened and how she wanted absolute revenge.
Mum was now shivering in fear as tears flowing down her eyes were too much to contain.

You don’t have to be sacred mum, I know you how much you’ve been through and that you seek peace.

Which is why I came to give you that which you earnestly desire.

But I hope you don’t rest in the peace you so much desire.

Bang!!! It wasone bullet to her mum’s head.

Evelyn laughed mischievously as she pointed the gun to her head also and pulled the trigger.

She wrote a note down, which read;
“In every moment we live, we should be careful what we Birth, for what we Birth can be the cause of our Death.

Everything we do, will either bring pain and sorrow or joy and peace.
We all die someday, but I hope we don’t die by our own hands because someone else tied theirs”.


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